Motivation monday

Updated: Feb 23

Hey guys, Happy Monday. I hope you have an awesome week ahead. Good’s all downhill from here.

I hope you had an amazing weekend and you’ve started the week fresh and full of energy. 🤸🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🏋🏼🤿

I usually ❤️ Mondays. I was so motivated this morning when jumped out of bed and hopped straight back in again. Yesterday I had a killer leg workout and this morning I could barely move 😭

This morning was rough but I completed my fasting cardio and still moving forward 😎 later this afternoon I’m doing a full upper body workout which I’ll post later.

My birthday weekend was amazing and I celebrated with a cheat day and lotsa carbs :)🥂🎈🥳🍱😋🤪

Going out, relaxing, having fun, spending time with friends, enjoying food and some drinks, and just letting your hair down, is so good for your mind, body and spirit. It’s perfectly okay to have a cheat day - just don’t go too crazy.

Last week was a big week for Fit By Adora after signing a cooperative agreement with @_gretaka_. Both Greta and I have decided to collaborate and offer our clients bespoke nutrition and training coaching services. She is truly phenomenal when it comes to eating.

This week, Fit By Adora will be launching a new promotional campaign. So if you’re looking for a training coach, want to improve your eating habits and get the best nutritional advice and support imaginable, or if you suffer with #metabolicsyndrome and find it difficult to get back into shape, look out for our upcoming promo. You’re gonna love it.



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