Online client one year transformation

Enjoy the journey... and stop obsessing about the goal

If I had s dollar for every time someone asked me:

How long is it gonna take to lose weight?

How many times do I need to workout?

How much cardio do I need to do?

And so on... I’d probably be chilling on my second holiday this month.

I promise you, this mentality and mindset will almost set you up for failure.

Getting onto a sustainable path to good health and fitness is easier than you think, but why then, do so many people fail?

When all you do is obsess about all these details of an end goal (I want to weigh this or measure that), the journey becomes obscure.

In working only towards an end-goal, you will never feel secure about your ability to achieve that goal. Why? Because life happens and there will always be hurdles along the way.

Where’s the fun in that?

Instead of putting pressure on yourself with all the details and focusing on the end goal.:

Set mini goals

Daily and weekly goals

set goals for 3 and 6 months

Perhaps a small attainable goal is simply going to the gym four times a week and if your not doing much.

Or maybe set a target of ten push-ups per day and increase it by one a day.

The idea is to start forming habits incrementally, having fun and celebrating small victories.

Change takes time ,but the effort you put in will always equate to the end result.

This post is dedicated to my most loyal client Niki who really crystallized the issue of goals.

When Niki and I first discussed her goals, all she wanted was to get her pre-baby shape.

By the time she reached her goal, her mini goals in between were instrumental in shaping her mindset and she wanted to be better. She loved training and loved the foods she was eating.

So she went even further got in an even better shape than she was before pregnancy.

Niki has gained lots of muscle mass and her skin is firm and she looks amazing. What I love about Niki is her attitude. She never never had unrealistic expectations and she took the time and the energy to build muscle mass in a way that made the entire journey enjoyable.

Niki is inspirational to me and so many people around her. Here’s her takeaway (especially for women and new mums)

1. Don’t starve yourself and do enormous amount of cardio daily just to lose the weight quickly. Your skin will hang and you won’t be happy about it. You will also lose muscle mass which will be a huge disadvantage to your body and to your strength.

2. Life happens ..don’t set yourself for failure by fixating on grand goals in the future. Set mini goals, attainable goals and build on those.

3. Have fun and be happy doing what you’re doing. Hating or being uncertain of what you’re doing is never going to be sustainable.

4. It took time to put on weight. It takes about 5000 calories to put in 0,5kg’s of mass. That weight isn’t just gonna fall off.

5. Your mini goals can be anything that’s relevant to your circumstance and lifestyle...even if it just means for making the habit of driving to the gym.

Niki was the winner of my 2020 online competition, which I primarily ran to launch my online coaching business amid the pandemic. Watch this space for more deets about this years competition.

Finally if you need help, advice or motivation to get started, or deals with injuries that’s preventing you from being the best version of you, DM me. Let’s chat.