👩‍🍳How to season TOFU to taste amazing?

Updated: Feb 23

I heard from many people that they don't like tofu because it doesn't have a taste. That's why it's great, so you can make it taste how you want. Sweet or sour.

. 👩‍🍳My go to tofu marinate is:

-1 tbsp lemon juice 🍋

-2 tbsp olive oil

-2 tbsp soy sauce

-1 tbsp sweet chili paste

-salt, pepper for taste


🍼It's a great source of protein and super easy and quick to prepare.

Just cut it into cubes or slices and leave it in the marinate for at least 10 minutes and then fry it on coconut oil.

. 🥬🥗Add it to salads, here i mixed it with baked sweet potato, iceberg, cucumber and#veganfetacheese#violife

It's a perfect combination that makes you full for hours.





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