About Me

My motto: Be the best version of yourself

Hi. Thanks for visiting Fitness by Adora.

With the daily pressure of being a modern woman, we often neglect our own well-being.

I am sure that you want to be your best version of you, but often finding me time and the energy to do one more thing is difficult.

As an online personal fitness-wellness coach -who works around your demanding life - can make tremendous difference and put you on the right track to becoming the best version of you.

I am Dora Antal. I'm a professional and certified fitness and wellness coach who has worked as a coach and a trainer in four continents and achieved amazing results for my clients around the world.

I specialize in building core strength and stability,building muscle, improving flexibility and overall fitness,corrective training and most importantly mentally setting you up for success.

I am absolutely passionate about motivating people to becoming the very best versions of themselves....more so,post Covid-19 world.


What I Do

I help females transform their lives through fitness


Online Consultation

The first and most important step is to identify what is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. 
With a solid strategy, the right mindset and setting the right goals,becoming fit ,healthy and the best version of you is within your grasp, regardless of your fears,fitness level or lifestyle.

Transformation program

The most effective way to help you achieve your goal under prevailing circumstances is through one-on-one online training and coaching- the ultimate personalized approach to fitness-wellness, nutrition and mindset.
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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

I’ve had four personal trainers over the past decade and Dora is by far the best. We started off with corrective training to fix my elbow and moved to online HIIT sessions after a full fitness and functional evaluation.

I was somewhat skeptical about online sessions, but obviously I had no choice during the lockdown and plunged in. My sessions have been extremely intense and the experience and results are nothing short of amazing.

Kaveer (South Africa)

Dora helped me to get started in the gym and build new healthy habits. After the initial assessment she pointed me to the right direction about nutrition and training. I became confident and strong.My body fat went from 36.5% to 25% in 3 months. I am so happy and I could never forget her efforts. She was always a great coach and supporter for me.

Maryam (Bahrain)

I couldn't be happier with the results since exercising with you. I knew i had to start doing something after pregnancy, but alone it was hard. You gave me motivation. Thank you so much for coaching me.

Niki F.

What i learned during these 4 weeks working with Dora is that working out is never complete without a good nutrition plan.. you helped in guiding me towards the right direction of the right food and nutrients for my body.

Sara M.